“Behm unleashes an imaginative whirlwind in her exploration of grand themes like faith, destiny, and love.” – Kirkus Reviews



Translated by Milena and Simon Bullock

— Magic may take many forms, but love shall rule supreme —

Though wholly shorn of memories like all who dwell in the village of Fogland, Fleex knows this: his heart will always beat for Fin and Fin alone. However, when his dearest friend is hoodwinked by the Gossper, he’ll need to venture beyond the safety of “home” to somehow save her.
Armed with but the oddities his guardians had found him with – a cryptic book and broken necklace – Fleex must find his way through countless worlds, collecting scattered clues. Accompanied by Flip and Flop, two Greenies sent by Fog Almighty, Fleex soon finds his quest means rather more than simply saving Fin. In fact, the very universe is hanging in the balance now, for music, knowledge, and all things good are slowly being swallowed by a monster made of light.
Awaiting Fleex are riddles from the Reader in the World of Word, demands from the Collector, and a slew of wicked on the path to where the High Priest lives.
Only time will tell if Fleex can mend the fractures greed has caused, but either way, he’ll reclaim Fin or meet his fate en route.
Toni Behm


Fleex: Adventures Around the Worlds sounds like it is (or will be) a fantasy series, but The Spell of the Rose is a story that stands firmly alone with no prior adventures to introduce it, and will prove immediately absorbing to all who enter Toni Behm’s world through Fleex’s experiences.

The essence of the choice between good and evil and the classic influences upon that choice are revealed as Fleex contemplates both his immediate goals and bigger-picture spiritual and philosophical reflections on life’s meaning and influences.
From goddesses and road trips to influences of darkness and light, readers embark on a bewitching mix of mythology, Bulgarian references, loosely reconstructed ancient history, and a struggle for freedom and meaning that introduces Fleex to a myriad of characters and special interests.
Colorful drawings pepper the story and provide an artistic visual flavor to Fleex’s adventure, which is as embedded with technological wonders as it is social inspection.
Toni Behm’s enchanting fantasy may be read on many levels. It works as an attractive adventure story, a philosophical inspection, a religious commentary, a cultural exploration, and a dynamic myth-based mystery, all in one.

While fantasy readers will be its most likely audience, The Spell of the Rose is also (and especially) recommended reading for those who appreciate bigger-picture thinking and inspections that lead to reflections about life, civilization, and the choices involved in changing hearts and minds.

It’s rare to find a story that will appeal beyond a single genre audience, but The Spell of the Rose is such a creation. Perhaps that’s why it reads so sweetly.

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