A.V. Osten

A.V. Osten is a pen name, under which Toni Behm publishes her sci-fi/dystopian series Hemisphere. It explores topics more appropriate for adults, as opposed to her fantasy stories, written for readers in their tweens and up.

Part 1: The Head Employee Precedent

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The year is 2217. The life on the Eastern hemisphere of Earth has been wiped out by a cosmic storm.

James is a Support Employee at the ElCompany, located in the Western Hemisphere, where life goes on. He takes care of the well-being of the Head Employee, a collie named Mulder. A few miles away, Dr. Eizenheim, a geneticist, works on a project to block four types of creativity, which she believes threaten the political peace in the Western Hemisphere. The Head Employee at the ElCompany acts unprofessionally that day and James suspects something is up. What could have gone wrong? As soon as he finds out, he must choose between reporting the Head Employee, thus signing his death sentence; or guard him at the possible cost of his own life.

„Imagine a future world where creative thought is stifled –throttled back by sound frequencies and chips implanted into the brain.
This is just one of the startling precepts that permeate the chilling plot line of the exceptional new dystopian thriller Hemisphere by debut author A.V. Osten.“
„Join James, Mulder, and a host of other colorful characters as they begin their quest to return mankind’s destiny to human control. Rife with wry humor and often lyrical writing, the author makes this dystopian adventure story a rare read.“
„Five stars to Hemisphere for providing a fresh take on the dystopian genre of science fiction.“
Don Sloan, Publishers Daily Reviews